Trichup Hair Oil Hair Fall Control 100ml

Trichup Hair Oil – Hair Fall Control contains the natural goodness of Sesame & Coconut oil. It is further enriched with herbs such as Amla, Licorice & Bhringaraj, which are known to help reduce the falling of hair. Amla has a very great number of essential fatty acids, which strengthen hair follicles, giving your hair strength and luster. For effective control and prevention of hair fall.


  • Improves Hair Texture
  • Repairs & Nourishes Damaged Hair
  • Helps to reduce Hair Fall & Thinning Hair

How To Use:

  • Apply Trichup Hair Oil onto the scalp and massage gently using finger tips until it get absorbed into the scalp, Keep overnight for best .results, and Cleanse your hair with Trichup Shampoo thoroughly, Repeat at least twice a week


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Size: 200ml

Available: 100ml

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